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. in this spot and the memorial marks the spot where the deputy shot and killed 13-year-old andy lopez. typically the police do not released information about an officer involved shooting like this one. but there are serious concerns that tempers might boil over so police are trying to be as transparent as possible. >> tonight's demonstration swelled to 1500 people in santa rosa's courthouse square. >> this hurts me. it is something painful for me and for everybody. demonstrators areville -- are villa fying them after new details were released the way he shot and killed andy lopez. >> we believe the time period between the time the deputy hold his dispatcher what his observations were and the ti ads were fired was 10 seconds. >> and i cannot understand how this happened in such a short, short time, 10 seconds and the boy is murdered. >> they spotted lopez carrying this rifle that looks like an ak47. >> he yelled at the subject two teams to drop the weapon. the subject did not do that. he turned to face the deputies. >> that's when the mizell of andy's gun was pointed at him and he fired eight sho
with the funeral for andy lopez. it was impossible for people to hide their pain as the casket of 13-year-old andy lopez was lead out of the resurrection church in santa rosa. more than 600 people were here, classmates, strangers and the family including his heart broken parents. his funeral mass was in spanish with a message that resonated with friends. >> he was too young. he didn't deserve that. he is gone, but he is here spiritual. >> lopez was shot to death as he was walking near his home. he was carrying a toy rifle made to look like an ak47. sonoma county sheriff deputies stopped him and told him to drop the gun, they say. deputy opened fire claiming the boy turned toward them with the realistic gun in his hand. >> i don't blame the officer or the child. >> he joined the few dozen people who converged on the memorial. some of whom came directly from the funeral. >> we need to learn to have more compassion in terms of the toys we let them play with. >> there was little sympathy during the two daytime rallies. >> there is racial profiling and discrimination and bias. >> they could have shot h
, is mourning the loss of andy lopez. the memorial to him continues to grow. the deputy who shot lopez is the same man who pulled a gun on westbrook during a routine traffic stop. >> at this time i just looked at him point blank at the barrel of a gun. >> he said he and an employee feared for their lives beforing a stopped on highway 101 for make ang unsafe lane change. he says the sheriff's deputy who made the stop seemed agitated when he approached his car. >> i looked to -- i looked back up there was a gun, and he is screaming, turn the vehicle off. at that point i put my hands up and said, sir, the vehicle is off. >> the deputy then told westbrook to get out of the car. >> he asked me if i had any weapons and as i took my hands to go like this, he went back to the gun thing and it was, turn around, hands behind your back. >> westbrook was later shocked to learn that deputy was eric gelhouse, the same man who shot and killed andy lopez last month, believing the air soft rifle he was carrying was an assault weapon. >> i saw something. my wife said, this man is going to shoot someone.
sheriff deputy shot a 13-year-old andy lopez carrying an replica of an ak 47 when the deputy opened fire. more from the deputy that pulled the trigger and growing backlash against him. >> we have more and heard from the sheriff of sonoma county this, story keeps growing, changes and keeps evolving like that memorial over my shoulder, candles burned out. some flowers wilted in the spot where a deputy shot and killed a 13-year-old andy lopez last week but the story remains fresh. begin with sieging anger of the latino community. >> maddening what they did. >> today's sheriff stepped forward to answer general questions. >> i don't believe racism is involved in this case. many people know the sheriff's office and me have done much in the past three years to build bridge was the latino community. >> six days after the shooting we learned about the deputy who mistook a pellet gun for an ak 47, putting seven bullets into, and through, andy lopez. the sheriff deputy has a name, a history. his name, eric gels house. he's a firearms instructor, a national figure. a writer on the subject of deadly
was shocked to learn that deputy was the same man that shot and killed a 13-year-old andy lopez last month. >> wow, i saw something, my wife even said that night he will shoot someone. minutes after the stop, he said he refused to explain why he drew his weapon. we could not reach his attorney today, but earlier today an attorney said that he would never willy nilly pull out his gun. jeff westbrook says he now feels dplt that he didn't do more. >> you're looking at a man that pulled a gun, and i know they don't pull them unless they intend to use them. >> jeff says he plans to file a formal complaint very soon. >>> police are investigating a rash of robberies on campus. there has been three recently. the most recent one was at the faculty glade. an 1-year-old woman was grabbed from behind enthe second pulled a gun on her and took her phone and rifled through her purse. her attackers got away. one student says she's done something to protect herself. >> i have a pepper spray in my bag now. i just got it lke yesterday, but i got it now. >> uc berkeley police have been stepping up patrols but
andy lopez. he was shotless week october 22nd while holding a toy gun that looked lick an ak 47. assault rifle. 7 news reporter wayne has the story. >> it keeps growing. what began as vigil with if you candle now has enough to spell out the name andy. what gap as simple cross now has more permanent struck take your. tl painted it white. >> that represents the angel in andy. >> lopez family has yet to speak out formally today andy older brother anthony told us how they are if doing. they are hanging in. really hard open everyone. the house isn't even the same any more. >>reporter: how soil. it's just quiet. felonies like there is a void in the house. >>reporter: void since week ago last tuesday when sonoma county sheriff's deputy eric mistook a pellet gun for the real they think and fired 7 shots into andy. killing him at the scene. since then the family filed a claim against the county and sheriff's office. deputy communicated only through his attorney. >> this is a terrible situatio situation. it's tragic. we all personally feel for the family and for the commu
with abc7 news today. 13-year-old andy lopez was carrying a toy gun that looked real when the officer opened fire. deputy eric goalhouse's lawyer says he feels terrible about the loss of the young man but he believes he had no other option but to fire his weapon. vic lee in the newsroom with more for us. vick? >> reporter: abc7 news has learned that andy lopez's family has filed claim against sonoma county and the sheriff's office. here it s it was just filed today. now, the county has six months to either accept it or reject it. if that happens, the family would most likely file a lawsuit. the claimant is andy lopez mother. the claim says the 13-year-old was killed unjustifiably and charges that the sheriff's office failed to develop adequate training policies for the use of lethal force. it does not specify an amount for damages. deputy goalhouse has been placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation. >> we feel for the loss of this young man's life. he feels for the loss for the family, for the community. >> reporter: but deputy eric goalhouse's lawyer, terry leone,
house. the same man who shot and killed 13-year-old an andy lopez. >> he realize that if he if shot a man or a kid, you know, there was possibility that he could have shot him as well so he was scared. >> he claims he was driving the bmw when gale house pulled him over for traffic stop and during the brief encounter the deputy pulled out a gun twice. gale house attorney said of the incident quote basesed on the deputy experience and training he was never will nil pull out the guchbility only if a need for it. earlier in an exclusive interview with 7 new news, he said he's sad by what happened but defend his actions. >> ak 47 with no markings that it was a replica gun that was point entered his direction. everything indicated that this was a real firearm and that mr. lopez was aware that the deputy were law enforcement. >> lopez family filed a claim against sonoma county. sheriff office failed to develop adequate training policy for the use of lethal force. in santa rosa, abc 7 news. >> happening now antioch police searching for the owner of 2 dog that attacked a group of neighbor
by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy one week ago today. 13-year-old andy lopez was carrying a replica of ak 47, toy gun, air assault gun when the deputy opened fire. good evening. the anger was made clear during a new protest over his death. this on the largest so far. as you can see from sky 7 hd over the sheriff's office where the protest march ended. wayne is on the story. the. >> now one week and 3 hours since the shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez. fell is just another neighborhood kid to a symbol not just locally but nationally. >> it symptom is killing the youth with no future. >> lopez 13 years old walk with pellet gun made to resemble ak 47 rifle. last tuesday sonoma county sheriff's deputy eric gill house stopped him on the street told him to drop the gun then when gill house felt threatened he put 7 bullet into and through the young man killing him at the scene and inflaming this community. >> there's racial profiling discrimination there's bias. >>reporter: could have shot him in the leg. the. >> done it to a white killed. i bet not. >>reporter: that is one of the h
, they said. among the people today, andy lopez's older brother, 17-year-old anthony. the family has not spoken formally. anthony told us how they're dealing with the loss. >> they're hanging in there. it's hard on everyone. the house isn't the same anymore. >> reporter: how so? >> just quiet. just feels like there is a void in the house. >> reporter: deputy gelhaus says he fired because he was pointing the weapon at him. anthony says his brother was 13 years old, he was a kid, that he froze and probably needed more time. >> thank you. >> it's been a busy day. still head on abc7 news what happened inside of the caldecott tunnel today. it sent smoke billowing out along with a number of panicked drivers. >> also, an incident at discovery kingdom. find out how she's doing. >>> a mild note but what will the weekend bring? the accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> and remarkable work of a bay area engineering firm finding low-cost solutions to expensive prprprprprpr >>> traffic back to normal after a frightening scene in the caldecott tunnel. a fire caught fire, filling the tunnel with
to rally in the name of 13-year-old andy lopez in downtown santa rosa beginning at noon. today new information emerge about the deputy who shot lopez 7 times after the boy flashed a realistic air assault rifle at him. 48-year-old eric is a 24 year vet rap of the force and firearms instructor. he has written extensively on use of force by police advising officers to turn on the so-called gene when needed. >> new at 11:00 san jose resident meet tonight to talk about how to provide young people with alternative to gang life. this is the second of 4 planned meetings hosted by gang prevention task force. tonight participant also discussed the potential link between gangs and prostitution. the task force plans to take the input from the meetings to develop plan for 2014. >> the food network guy took the witness stand today to testify against the man accused of stealing his yellow lamborgini more than 2 years ago. prosecution asked guy if he ever gave 19-year-old max wade permission to at that time sports car. answer was no. wade is accused of breaking into a san francisco auto deal
. wayne? >> reporter: for people that didn't know andy lopez he has a name and a picture. today it came home in the form of a cop wheeled in by friends and family about a half hour ago. thev: serviceñr! continues, overflow service for more than 500zv peoe inside. it concludes a day in santa rosa unlike any people around here have seen in a long, long time.<  it's a mefk and te hours since the shooting death of andyko lopez he's gone frk just another neighborhood kid to a symbol nationally. >> the system is killing the youth. it has no future. >> reporter: lopez was 13 years old, walking with a pellet gun made to resemble an ak 47 rifle. last tuesday, sheriff deputy the gun, then when he felt threatened put seven bullets into and through the young man, killing him at the scene, andñr inflaming this community. >> there is a racial profiling. it's discrimination, bias. >> they could have shoot him in the lp?;móleg. >> would they have done that to a white çymkid? i bet not. >> reporter: that is one of thd hearts of the issue. v:xd perceptions. today'sç march ben at court house s
the funeral of the 13-year-old andy lopez police lieutenant told us the veteran deputy jumped out and opened fire while his deputy in training was in the process of stopping the car and taking cover behind the door. between the thooim time they spotd and called in the sighting of andy with a replica ak 47 and the time the deputy shot him, ten seconds elapsed. >> by the time he was capable of engaging the subject, the threat no longer existed. >> reporter: last week a witness said he sought car and warned andy but the detective says the deputy told andy twice to put down the gun before opening fire we asked if the deputy identified himself before he opened fire on andy. and we were told he says he can't remember whether he identified himself. however, we're told it's not a requirement to do so. >> thank you. >>> several people in the hospital after a major crash in a busy san francisco intersection. police say the driver ran a red light and the crash left a lexus suv flipped over, as you can see. two other cars were damaged officials say injuries are not life threatening which is great news
a the sonoma county teenager his lawyer spoke with 7 news today. 13-year-old andy lopez was carrying a toy gun that looked real when the officer opened fire. the officer lawyer says he feels terrible about the loss of the young man but believes he had no other option but to fire his weapon. vick lee has more. >>reporter: claim anti-lopez mother. claim says the 13-year-old was killed unjustifiably and charges that the sheriffs office failed to develop adequate training policy for the use of lethal force. it doesn't specify an amount for damages. deputy has been paid on administrative leave during the investigation. >> he feels for the loss of this young man life. he felonies for the loss for the family for the community but the deputy lawyer says it doesn't minimize the the what he face that had day. >> ak 47 with no marking that it was a replica gun pointed in his direction. those weapons pierce body armor and go right through patrol vehicles this was a residential neighborhood with homes all around. the deputy ordered one or 2 times for mr. lopez to drop his gun. >>reporter: santa r
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14